Our Technology

We are building next-generation telerobotic solutions to enhance access to life-saving procedures.

Our magnetic technology and ultra-flexible robotic devices empower physicians, and seeks to enable faster, safer and more precise interventions.
Magnetic Navigation
Our telerobotic system employs magnetic fields to guide ultra-flexible micro robots through intricate blood vessels, ensuring precise navigation without excessive force.

Our magnetic field unit is compact and mobile, enabling its use in diverse clinical settings.
Ultra-flexible Devices
With a simple console, physicians control the device tip, bending and orienting it in any direction. This allows them to make instant acute turns in the vasculature, potentially enabling faster, simpler, and safer endovascular interventions.
Safeguarded as a trade secret, our AI-compatible software enables secure, remote connectivity for endovascular interventions, regardless of geographical barriers. Telerobotic interventions offer patients more treatment options, while reducing physicians' exposure to harmful x-rays.