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Critical endovascular conditions such as cardiac arrests and strokes require rapid intervention. But millions don’t get treatment in time.

To bridge this gap, we are developing endovascular robotic solutions that can be deployed remotely to expand treatment access and deliver superior patient outcomes.
A medtech spin-off from ETH Zurich
Founded in 2021, Nanoflex Robotics was spun out of a leading research university in Switzerland, ETH Zurich. Today, we are a medical device company specializing in the development of telerobotic solutions to treat a range of critical endovascular diseases. We are driven by our mission to widen access to lifesaving treatments and seek like-minded partners, hospitals and physicians to join us on our journey.
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Our Management Team
Matt Curran
CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Christophe Chautems
CTO and Co-Founder
Prof. Dr. Bradley Nelson
Mentor and Co-Founder
Dr. Grace Katzschmann